Team Files

Get your team and files on the same page

Do you and your team struggle to find the right file on Confluence or Jira? Create a single source of truth with Team Files and we’ll help you skip the guessing game and save up to 19%1 of your working time.

Your team and files on the same page

Streamlined experience

A single source of truth in 3, 2,  1… Done.

We refined our app experience so that you and your team can start working together in a few clicks. Connect a folder to your project and you’re ready to go. No registrations required.

Team Files file manager

Your single source of truth

The files you need where you need them

Attach all the files you need to Confluence pages and Jira issues without using their limited storage space. If you update the files the attachments update too, so you’ll always have the latest version to help your team get things done better and faster.

Attached files in a Jira issue
Editing a document in a Jira issue

Seamless integration with Microsoft Office 365

The end of duplicate files

Team Files app integrates directly with Office 365 to show your documents inside Confluence and Jira and lets you edit them right there too. Real time collaboration included. No more downloading / re-uploading and definitely no more endless versions of the same document.

Privacy and security

Your files are just that. Yours.

We never read or store any file information or user passwords. We’ll never sell any of your data and we do our best to keep it protected.

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Your team and files on the same page

We empower teams worldwide

Companies, big and small, do their best work using Atlassian and ikuTeam Apps. We help businesses around the globe, whether they design mobile experiences, produce exciting movies or fly us to the moon. We can help your team too.

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Building better tools together

ikuTeam is an official Microsoft and Atlassian partner.

Get started in a few steps with a free trial

Visit Atlassian Marketplace to add Team Files to your Confluence or Jira instances. The free trial is included and it’s automatic. You can cancel anytime in a couple of clicks.

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1 19% of working time spent by knowledge workers tracking down information (McKinsey Global Institute)